With an ever growing business industry, knowing what marketing, sales and communication services you need and how they will effect your business in paramount before making any online business decisions. We understand this forethought and use a system for effectively consolidating those planning needs. We take a hard look at what your business does, where its currently at in the world and how we can help you maximize it's potential to reach it's marketing and communication goals. Whether it's a global systems operation or a smaller local service or product, we offer everything your company needs to make your online experience and representation work for you.

Web Development

Web DevelopmentWeb application development is the heart of our business and we know that delivering a system that allows the user to update and maintain their content without having a web savvy technician or online marketer make the changes for them is exactly what every client is looking for. With our Content and Operations Management Systems, you get exactly that. An easy to use, What Your See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) administration system so making changes to your front end presentation is a snap.

Our systems come with a fully integrated document and HTML toolbar editor for every dynamic input element to your site. So when you either import your work from a standard document/HTML program or choose to do all of your input and editing online, your presentations come out exactly the way you see them. Our systems also specialize in flat page organization and filtering, keeping your site coordinated while still maintaining a large number of pages and a degree of depth that is made simple to navigate. Find exactly what you want and edit it in seconds regardless of the size of your website. These features among many is what sets Norcode Inc.'s management systems apart from other developers.

Web Design

Web DesignDesign is to the eye of the beholder. When selecting a graphic designer, we take a strong look at the type project being developed, how it caters to the client and the target audience we're developing for. The first thing a page visitor notices is how the website is not only laid out, but the aesthetic flow of its organization and just as important, its style. Our designers are hand picked based upon these elemental needs and only when the designer knows exactly who our client is, what their goals are and who the audience is, do we begin design development. Whether it's a website template, interface design, logo or identity and branding. We can accommodate your creative and presentation needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationOur SEO trained and certified professionals believe that your site is only as good as it's search engine ranking. From Web Analytics, Content Creation and Link Acquisition to Alt Attributes on media and Sitemap Optimization, our team works hard to make sure that your website gets the best possible exposure. We take this into consideration during all phases of content development and ensure that from conceptual design to final testing, your website is search engine friendly and uses the latest in SEO trends.

Web & Email Hosting

Web and Email HostingSelected and partnered with some of the industries best hosting providers, we choose a provider who fits the specialized need of the individual clients needs and budgets. Our hosts use custom, easy to use control panels allowing the client to modify email accounts, view statistics and setup hosting for any of their domains. From global network solutions to private server hosting, we plan and offer the right type of situation for your hosting online and you can scale it as big as you need it, as fast as you need it anytime.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and SupportWhile every provider strives to maintain 100% uptime, it just isn't possible. We do make sure however is that if your site is ever down, we are already working to get it back online. We have real time monitoring on all of our sites that alerts the service provider as well as yourselves as soon as anything strange happens so we can get you up and running quickly. As we complete and launch a new project, we make sure that your website is running smoothly and all possible internal conflicts are taken care of through thorough testing. However, something may happen post launch that is unforeseen. We give all of our customers the guarantee that if anything goes wrong and its not found during the development and testing phase, we'll begin fix it immediately, free of charge.

Let us help you come up with a solution to meet and exceed your expectations and demands. Even if you aren't sure what you want talk to us we've always got some ideas.

iOS &Android Development

We are always working hard on staying current. As you know lately the entire market has been shifting off of websites to mobile platforms.

Have an idea for an app? Our team of knowledgable experts can help you bring that app to reality.

What our Clients Say

Keith O'Brien says:

Norcode Inc. brought my company on to the web. They communicate extremely well and the price was well within my budget. Very happy with the end result and thanks again to the Norcode Inc. team.